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Writing a dissertation is a complex process that requires hundreds of hours to be spent on academic research. However, the first step in any student’s dissertation writing journey would be to select a winning topic. While this task may seem easy, many students find it very problematic and challenging because they don’t know what their dissertation should be about. Furthermore, choosing a dissertation topic is of crucial importance since your future largely depends on how interesting, fresh, and relevant your dissertation topic is and how well you handle your thesis. Due to these reasons, we have prepared a set of tips that would help you select your dissertation topic and write a dissertation outline.


Tips on Selecting a Dissertation Topic

Your topic should be interesting to you

When selecting a research topic, you should always remember that preparing a dissertation will take months or even years of your life. You will be spending much of your time searching relevant literature, analysing and synthesising it, collecting data, and reading and re-reading your thesis many times. That is why is it vital to select a topic that you find really interesting. Otherwise, you may feel exhausted and disappointed very soon.


Your topic should be unique

Make sure your topic is unique so you have the opportunity to conduct your own research and arrive at your own conclusions. Choosing a unique topic can also allow you to produce some new knowledge and contribute to the existing literature. While finding a completely unique topic is seldom possible, approaching an already-researched area from a different vantage point might be a good idea for inspiration. You should therefore select a topic that will compliment your literature review writing.


Your topic should be specific

You should eliminate vagueness from your dissertation topic at any cost. Your final academic project must be as tightly-written as possible. Remember that each sentence of your thesis must add to the construction of the argument and it should follow a clear structure. That is why selecting an idea, which is too broad and unspecific, may create formidable barriers to your ability to explore the topic in full and make it very challenging to draw concise conclusions. At the same time, you should avoid being too narrow. Otherwise, you may experience certain difficulties in expanding on your arguments, as well as arriving at comprehensive and well-rounded conclusions.


Your topic should be researchable

Although your topic may be very interesting and unique, it may still be unsuitable for transforming it into a full-fledged dissertation. The point is that there may be not enough academic and other types of resources out there to expand on your ideas and test your assumptions and hypotheses. Perhaps, the best way to make sure your topic is the right subject for you is to use web search engines and browse various academic databases to find relevant journal articles on your topic.

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Why Write a Dissertation Outline?

Once you have selected a suitable topic, you need to produce a dissertation outline, which will detail your aim and objectives and serve as a roadmap to guide the course of your study. There are many good reasons why you would want to write an outline, for example:


  • It provides you with a clear overview of what should be done in every chapter of your dissertation.
  • It allows for considering all important points before diving deep into dissertation writing.
  • It helps you track your progress.
  • It gives you an assurance of scholastic academic paper writing.


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Students usually overlook the importance, complexity, and necessity of selecting a winning dissertation topic and writing a detailed dissertation outline, which often has negative consequences for the quality of their thesis. If you are looking for assistance with your dissertation topic and outline, we are here to help.