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Writing a Dissertation Methodology

The Dissertation Methodology section usually follows the Dissertation Literature Review section. The methodology chapter majorly focuses on the broadly defined philosophical supports for the research methods and techniques used in the dissertation. The methodology section has links to the literature regarding similar methods and the fundamental basis of your chosen methods.

This section explains how the research was undertaken, how and where the data was gathered, and what kind of analytical techniques were used, among others. Your supervisor and readers should be able to grasp the information regarding how you built up your dissertation.

The dissertation methodology writing should also consider different types of research including primary and secondary research as well as quantitative and qualitative data analysis. A common framework for the methodology chapter that can help you design this section was provided by Saunders, Lewis and Thornhill in their book titled Research Methods for Business Students. This framework is known as Research Onion.


How should you frame a dissertation methodology?

The dissertation methodology should encompass:

  1. The type of research
  2. The process of data selection and extraction including the justification for the selection.
  3. Technique of analysing the data.
  4. Tools, models and other materials used in the dissertation.
  5. Clear rationale for the selected techniques in the dissertation.

The dissertation methodology section should establish a strong relationship between the research hypothesis or question, the existing literature in the respective field, and the means by which the conclusions are generated.


Creating a strong Dissertation Methodology

  1. You should not only explain the methods and techniques used in the dissertation but elaborate rigorously on how you applied them.
  2. The dissertation methodology is often written in the past tense.
  3. Demonstrate clearly how your research methodology is built in consonance with the objectives and research hypothesis of your dissertation.
  4. Citing relevant literature in the methodology section also enhances the quality of the section. This confirms that you’ve studied multiple methodologies and considered several options and alternatives when choosing the final methodology.
  5. Be clear, informative and justified. Your approach should explain and justify your reasons for selecting the research methodology in a clear, informative and well-structured manner that enhances your argument in favour of your approach.
  6. Highlighting challenges and limitations in your research methodology. It significantly improves your dissertation methodology when you delineate the challenges faced during data collection and limitations of your methodology. Moreover, explain what kind of manoeuvres you’ve used to negate the effect of such challenges and limitations.
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