Dissertation Introduction Writing Service

Dissertation Introduction Writing Service

The essence of writing a brilliant dissertation is to get all the elements immaculate. Notably, the introduction is a very vital element. The stage of introduction is the first section of your dissertation writing. It is an important section as it sets the tone of the dissertation for the reader, with a clear and crisp purpose, focus and direction.

Additionally, the introduction unveils your research thesis and should briefly explain how you will approach proving your hypothesis in a concise manner. In short, it provides a rationale for conducting the research for your dissertation – what are you trying to research, and why is that important in your field of research.


Important elements of the introduction

What one must know to understand the dissertation? – Explaining through Topic and Context.

What particular aspect of the subject will you research on? – Explaining through Scope and Focus.

How your research fits best in the existing literature in your field? – Explained through Relevance and Importance.

What is the aim of your research? – Explained through Objectives.

What each chapter of your dissertation add to the overall objectives? – Explained through chapter scheme.


How to improve the quality of your dissertation introduction

It is vital that you create a checklist for your introduction on the following tenets:

  1. Incorporation of topic and context.
  2. Clearly defined focus and scope.
  3. Demonstration of the vitality of the research.
  4. Conceptual framework and research hypothesis/question is formulated.
  5. Objectives are clearly explained.
  6. Overall structure of the dissertation is delineated.

Apart from the mentioned checklist, following ideas can strengthen your dissertation introduction.

  1. Engross the reader by incorporating an interesting statement in the beginning.
  2. Don’t try to over explain every aspect of the dissertation in the introduction, however, create broad outline of your research work and ideas.
  3. Try not to commit something in the introduction, which cannot be explained or delivered later on in the dissertation.
  4. Have a straightforward approach in writing the introduction and avoid any abrupt changes in paragraphs.
  5. Never miss the outline of the entire dissertation in the end of the introduction.
  6. Importantly, proofread, proofread and proofread. As your research develops, so does your introduction. Keep on proofreading and updating your introduction as your research progresses.
  7. Last but not the least, try to write the introduction when your main part of the dissertation in complete as it gives you a clearer picture of what exactly you have to write.

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How do we add value in dissertation introduction writing?

To begin a dissertation from scratch can be difficult and writing a dissertation introduction is a daunting task. Using unconvincing approach while writing the introduction can reduce the quality of your entire dissertation drastically, for instance using statements such as “I have made an attempt to”. These type of writings make your work look weak and unconvincing. Moreover, writing in first person for the dissertation is not a good practice.

Thus, these little yet vital elements of writing the introduction can cost you marks on your final dissertation. Here, we comprehensively understand and the experience on how to write, frame and format a dissertation introduction in context with the entire dissertation and its findings. Furthermore, our team of top rated researchers, qualified writers and experienced professionals know how to write introduction articulately in order to build the reader’s attention to continue reading the entire dissertation.

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