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Writing a Discussion and Conclusion Chapter

The discussion and conclusion chapter is one of the most important elements of a dissertation. This is because the chapter reviews the key findings of the dissertation and links it to the previously proposed frameworks. It acts as a bridge between the theoretical aspects of a topic and the empirical findings obtained by the author. Furthermore, the conclusion presents a summary of the key findings, making it easier for the reader to understand the results obtained by the researcher. Presenting the key conclusions in a concise yet accurate manner is a key ingredient of a compelling dissertation. Therefore, it is extremely important for every student to ensure that this chapter is written in a compelling manner.


Features of the Discussion and Conclusion

The first thing that every student needs to ensure is that the aims and objectives of the chapter are clear. The chapter needs to be structured in such a manner that these key goals can be met. The chapter needs to begin by discussing the broader frameworks that govern the topic. Once these have been discussed, the specific aspects of the topic need to be discussed. Thereafter, the results of the analysis chapter have to be discussed. These results also need to be defended using the results obtained by previous scholars. Thereafter, students can enlist the key conclusions of their dissertation. These conclusions are formulated on the basis of the results obtained, the theories that these have been linked with, as well as the discussion and comparison with previous results. Once all these steps have been completed, the discussion and conclusion chapter is finalised. Before finalising the chapter, it is extremely important to read through it once again and ensure that there are no errors. The logical flow of thoughts also needs to be assessed and improved.


Seeking help with Discussion and Conclusion writing

There are instances where students are not able to write the discussion and conclusion chapter on their own. This can happen due to many reasons. Firstly, in some cases, the students are not able to establish the relationship between their key findings and the theoretical frameworks that have been proposed by previous scholars. They struggle to write the chapter and tend to waver away from their core topic. Secondly, students may also struggle in terms of completing the discussion and conclusion chapter within the desired time-frame. In both these cases, it is a good idea to seek external help.

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How we can help with the final chapters of your Dissertation

In case you are not able to complete the chapter due to time constraints, or due to complications related to the chapter, you could contact us to write a dissertation discussion and conclusion chapter on your behalf. Our team of experts is highly qualified and has the ability to write on a wide range of topics. The discussion and conclusion chapter is typically linked to the analysis conducted by the researcher. You simply need to provide us with the results that you have obtained, and the requirements of the university. On the basis of these requirements, our writer will provide you with the desired chapter.


How our writers can help write the Discussion and Conclusion

Our writer will review the data analysis that has been conducted by you and discuss the results in the context of the theories related to the topic. The writer will also conduct their own research in order to ensure that the most relevant frameworks related to the topic are being discussed.  Furthermore, the writer will also compare the results with the empirical results obtained by previous scholars. They will also assess the key strengths and shortcomings of your results in the context of previous studies. Finally, the writer will present the key conclusions of your research. Please contact our customer support team for more information.