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Data Collection and Analysis for Dissertations

The process of dissertation data and analysis writing is one of the most challenging and arduous sections of a dissertation. The daunting element in data and analysis section is to derive results accurately by analysing the data in a precise manner. The dissertation data and analysis writing is comprised of data compilation, data comprehension, data processing, analysis and interpretation of the findings.

To undertake a good quantitative data analysis for dissertation writing, a student must be experienced in the field of statistics. However, the knowledge and understanding of statistical techniques and software is limited amongst the new students. The data analysis part is one of the most convoluted areas in the whole dissertation and thus, if you don’t have the experience or the knowledge of statistics, you can seek help from professional researchers and experts.


Tips for dissertation data and analysis chapters

  1. It is highly suggested that larger datasets and samples should be used to generate results.
  2. Make sure that the variables are correctly transformed into an appropriate form and aligned with observations for other variables. This can be done by aligning the observations by date or creating a panel data set.
  3. Focus on the cause and effect relationship between your variables.
  4. Simplify the complex results and give meaningful interpretation to statistical evidence.
  5. Focus on building the data and analysis section in line with the literature review.
  6. As much as the process of conducting statistical analysis is important, so is the process of interpretation of the results. You should keep in mind your readership while presenting and interpreting the results.
  7. Depending on the aims of your dissertation you may consider qualitative research that does not require statistical analysis but alternative methods such as content and thematic analysis.


The cycle of dissertation data and analysis writing

  1. Data collection.
  2. Testing for the consistency of the data.
  3. Reviewing, cleaning and validating the collected data.
  4. Identifying the best and appropriate econometric techniques and statistical software for your research.
  5. Testing for various assumptions undertaken for the data.
  6. Conducting statistical analysis.
  7. Interpreting and writing the results and findings from the analysis.
  8. Comparing the results with evidence from previous literature you reviewed.

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Challenges faced by students and how we can help

The majority of students face the challenge of structuring the data, running essential tests, developing a model and interpreting the results. The inability to generate conclusions from the results is a major impediment faced by students while defending their dissertation. Moreover, due to lack of knowledge of statistical software, students dread the idea of writing their data and analysis section. This is where we hold the expertise in getting your data analysed and results interpreted.


Our data analysis and writing service

We truly believe that the data and analysis stage of dissertation is crucial, as the validity of your entire research depends upon the results generated from it. Thus, our services not only assist you in the data analysis, but also in developing your research design in line with different statistical models and techniques which can be backed by appropriate and relevant data sets.

We focus on writing a dissertation with high probability of getting cleared from the committee by ensuring that the results are backed by strong and sound data and significant statistical evidence. Despite the complexity of the data and analysis section, it’s one of the easiest steps to write in your paper, given you’ve the proper knowledge and experience with the use of statistical techniques, models and software.


Experienced writers

Our researchers and writers have a profound experience in dealing with complex and variety of statistical and econometric analysis. Moreover, we hold expertise in collection of data, designing of surveys and questionnaires, and data analysis. We utilise various statistical programs such as Excel, SPSS, Eviews, R, Python, and Matlab, among others. With our dissertation data and analysis writing services, you’ll be guaranteed to get high quality statistical data and analysis for your dissertation. Thus, the chances of getting rewrites and criticism from the university will be remarkably reduced, rendering your dissertation an academic success.