The Importance of Choosing Your Dissertation Question

While some students start writing a dissertation with a clearly formed research question, most of them are not 100% certain about their topic choice. A clear topic largely defines both the knowledge required to answer it and the methodological procedures that should govern this process.  Therefore, having  a weak topic that lacks clarity is a major hindrance to proceeding with your research. Our dissertation experts have provided some ideas that can assist you in making this process easier.


Be Inspired

Many students think that they can come up with a great topic by themselves if they spend enough time alone in their room and think hard enough about their area of interest. This could not be farther from the truth. Human beings learn and get inspired by watching and learning from others. From a practical standpoint, this means that you should consult your supervisor and thoroughly examine existing studies in your field. You could also seek inspiration by reading dissertation projects that have been completed by your department. This analysis will inspire some interesting thoughts and will inform you about the key challenges in your field of choice.


Be Selective

Another important part of dissertation writing is thinking about what really interests you. Selecting the right question is a serious decision since some dissertations can take years to complete. This choice will largely determine your academic course and may inspire PhD level research in the future. Try to select a topic that is sufficiently narrow and allows you to differentiate from other works in your field. Exploring new contexts with existing theories is usually considered the ‘safest choice’ since you are using well-tested methodologies and can plan your research easily.


Be Realistic

We recommend seeking external assistance when choosing your dissertation topic, due to several reasons. You may not be aware of the difficulties of answering a certain research question since you have just formulated it. There may be methodological issues as well as originality problems such as a large number of recently published works in the same area. This can seriously compromise the originality of your own study. Discuss your research question with multiple specialists including your supervisor, or dissertation writing services experts. Quality feedback may save you months of work if you manage to identify potential hidden problems and address them before they emerge.


Finding a research question that is focused enough to be original while being broad enough to easily find primary and secondary data is a difficult task even for best dissertation writers. The complexity of this decision may be a tough experience when you lack proper guidance. If your university does not provide sufficient support, you should seek dissertation writing assistance. This way, you can rely on the expertise of professional editors who have completed hundreds of Undergraduate and Masters dissertations.